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We Offer A True Guarantee To Your Clients That You Can Trust

In the world of local search engine optimization, many companies promise things that they can't deliver. If you go looking, you're sure to find hundreds or even thousands of companies claiming they can quickly "guarantee" you a spot near the top of Google's search results for your search term.

This kind of guarantee simply isn't realistic, and you should take all such claims with a grain of salt. No business, whether focusing on local, nationwide, or global SEO, can possibly guarantee a specific search engine result within just 30 or 60 days: There are just too many factors.

In the last few years, Google has significantly complicated its search engine:

- Google has introduced tools that allow it to more rapidly penalize some link building methods.
- Google has continuously altered its algorithms and changed the relative weight of some links.
- Google has taken significant steps to ensure that websites are focused on the human factor.

What does all of this mean? It means that local SEO of today is "content-driven" and requires a complete content strategy. That content strategy is balanced by the development of high quality, organic links and a social media presence that makes a significant difference.

Our Guarantee Reflects Our Commitment To A Long-Term Effort That Will Really Work

You want to be sure that you will get significant return on investment for your clients, and we want to give it to you every single time. That being the case, we have a guarantee that is different from most of the rest, but one that you can enjoy with complete confidence.

Our Guarantee In A Nutshell

We will achieve "first page" placement for your clients website on Google within six months (180 days) of the start of tehir campaign. The "first page" is defined as anywhere within the first ten results for your client's campaign's major search terms.

What Happens If We Can't Achieve The Results We Guarantee?

If we don't achieve the results we guarantee, then we will take full responsibility. If your client's site is not present in the first page of Google search results within six months, we will halt all billing on their campaign and continue working on it for free until those results are achieved.

You Have Nothing To Lose

Our guarantee means that you have nothing to lose. No matter how competitive your client's keywords or market, we will not rest until we deliver your site to the first page of Google results. Our level of commitment to your business success is unparalleled in the SEO world.

We Also Offer A Return On Investment Guarantee

It's reasonable for customers to wonder whether getting on the first page will lead to conversions and business. Being on the first page is a tremendous step and an important part of establishing your brand, but it is not the only factor in your search engine marketing success.

Our return on investment guarantee is especially designed to answer these questions and give you peace of mind about our service. All of our campaigns come with an ROI (return on investment) guarantee that is unique in the SEO world.

Our ROI Guarantee Means You Will Profit From Modern SEO

Our ROI guarantee works hand in hand with our SEO results guarantee and it says this: After six months, our program will pay for itself. That's right: Within six months, your cost to maintain your relationship with ignitedLOCAL should be flat.

What Happens If We Don't Reach Our ROI Guarantee In Six Months?

Our ROI guarantee is structured the same way as our results guarantee: If we don't achieve those results for your client within six months, then we will continue working on your client's campaign at no cost to you until we do. No matter what your industry, the bottom line is that you have nothing to lose.

Of course, breaking even with ignitedLOCAL should be considered only the beginning - a first, important milestone for you to reach so that you can achieve even greater profit. To help you visualize success, we've created an ROI Calculator that you can use on this page.

Simply input your average deal size, profit margin, and close rate to find out how many calls we needs to generate for your client in order to make sure that they can reach their profit goals. You can check your "break even," 5X ROI, 10X ROI, and even 100X ROI.

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