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ignitedLocal's Digital Marketing Program Is The Best Of Its Kind In Local Search

Do you want your clients to receive an excellent return on investment that's truly guaranteed? When you sign up for our White Label SEO program, your clients have access to the most powerful
and comprehensive local search program in the industry.

Our local SEO campaigns you private label are a combination of search engine optimization, local maps optimization, and paid search advertising.
With us, your clients can start getting calls right away on the short-term while we work on the long-term goal:
Lasting organic placement within the first page of Google for your major keywords.

Everything Below Is Included For Your Clients In Our Local SEO Campaigns

Our Strong Foundation Build: The Key To Lasting Gains

At ignitedLOCAL, we understand that getting to the first page of Google is a huge milestone, but it isn't the only thing you need to achieve in order to build a robust business that wins the market.

You have only a few seconds to make a powerful, positive impression on your prospects so they will enter your sales funnel, convert, and become passionate supporters of your brand. Without that follow-up, even #1 placement on Google could represent a wasted opportunity.

How do we make that impression for you?

- Beautiful designs that provide a compelling case for the unique value you have to offer.
- Calls to action that will drive your website visitors to take that all-important first step.
- Building a bridge for conversion that takes human and technical factors into account.

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Exceptional Business Websites

Design is a critical factor for making sure your website performs the way it should. It must be easy to use, clear to understand, and highly branded. We design beautiful websites that load quickly and talk directly to your prospects' core needs in a matter of just a few seconds.

Full On-Page SEO Optimization

"On-page optimization" is the combination of technical and stylistic factors that make you more visible to search engines such as Google. Our years of experience encompass all the key factors, including titles, metadata, internal linking, and all the tags that add up to make a difference.

Autoresponders That Truly Sound Human

Keeping your email list growing and getting stronger every day means having great autoresponse messages that keep people moving through your pipeline. Using this touchpoint successfully, we energize your contacts and pull them away from other local businesses they may be looking at.

Content By Humans, For Humans

Thousands of brands have found themselves hard hit by Google after filling their websites with boring, tepid content that doesn't add value. Your business will make a lasting impression that looks and reads better than your local rivals, so you can get business even in a crowded market.

Business Blogs That Speak Your Language

Your blog is a powerful tool in making sure that you deliver compelling information to your clients and prospects. We design blogs that are easy to read and will keep your customers turning the virtual pages. That means better branding and SEO -- and you can easily control it yourself.

Powerful Design For Your Email Marketing

Plain old ordinary email marketing messages simply aren't good enough to hold and maintain attention in this day and age. People get thousands of email messages a day, so make sure yours is truly eye-catching. We'll train you on the basics and equip you with amazing email templates.

Our Local SEO Program Works For You, No Matter Your Location Or Business

Our approach toward local SEO has evolved over years and provided success for hundreds of clients. We're dedicated to taking our 'lessons learned' and making our services better in every way -- a dedication reflected in all the reporting and management tools we provide to you.

Every detail of local SEO is critically important, because it builds your digital reputation among the people who have the greatest impact on your success: Your local customers. Knowing this, we exercise due care with every attribution and link, creating quality through and through.

Local Search Helps You Stand Up As A Respected, Authentic Source In Your Community

Local search engine results have become more important than ever, as they are now used to validate key information about your business -- especially your address and phone number. If any data points are incorrect, it can wreck your sales. We use a collection of highly respected 'niche' directories to ensure that search engines like Google and Bing consistently link your business to your accurate address. This makes it much more likely that customers in your area will find you when they need you.

Everything we do is calculated to ensure that you are the local authority on your industry. An authoritative website is much more likely to secure lasting visibility in the search engine results!

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Local Setup With Google, Bing, And Yahoo

Your customers are out there using popular engines both 'great and small' to find companies like yours in the area. We make sure you're visible and that contact information such as your phone number, address, and email are accurate. You will own and control all local accounts!

A Monthly Content Drip That Will Energize Your Professional Presence

We develop and release powerful press releases and articles on a monthly basis so that your customers will know you are the expert in your field. These fully SEO optimized pieces provide lasting referral traffic by tapping into the burning questions that your customers have right now.

Local Directories For Authoritative Citations

No matter where your community is or how large it might be, odds are good that there are some great directories that list businesses like yours. From trade associations to chambers of commerce to specialized private directories, we make sure you're represented well in the ones that count.

Backlinks That Will Work For You, Not Against You, For Many Years To Come

Many local SEO companies offer only low quality backlinks. These links can cause you to be penalized by search engines! Our unique backlinking system brings you only links of the very highest quality, associated with sites in your niche that have high Google PageRank.

Geo Target Marketing: Target Your Effort And Increase Results Within Your Community

Targeting your local search is the best way to achieve lasting results that will impact your bottom line for a long time to come. However, we know that reaching the results you want often requires months of intensive, continuing effort.

Our commitment to a sustainable, long-term SEO strategy is reflected in both our ROI guarantee and search engine results guarantee. If we don't reach our targets within six months (180 days), then we will continue working on your campaign free of charge until we do. However, we understand that you don't necessarily have six months in which to see great results. That being the case, we use a mix of tactics that can drive immediate traffic, creating a flow of prospects who can be converted for results on day one.

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Google AdWords And Other Paid Platforms Can Be The Key To Immediate Traffic

Only 20% of local search engine traffic will ever click on paid ads such as Google AdWords. However, that 20% can represent a competitive edge that your rivals in the local area most likely aren't taking advantage of -- and your site will be fully optimized to do so.

To provide instant results, we set up a Google AdWords campaign -- known as "sponsored links" in search results -- that only takes into account clicks within your targeted local area. This form of "geo targeting" makes it much more likely that people will click through.

Standard local SEO services pass Google's charges onto you, making you pay for every click, regardless of whether any of them convert into sales. We don't charge you on a per-click basis, since we know that optimization and perfecting a campaign often requires empirical data. The only way to get that data is to run ads and continuously refine the marketing message used on the paid platforms. That being the case, local businesses using our pay-per-click "jump start" program don't have to worry about paying extra for AdWords.

All our local SEO campaigns come complete with this "Geo Target Marketing" jump start.

PPC That's Affordable And Flexible For Your Business

We include a local PPC campaign targeting exact searches in your local city. This means you are not charged per click as we invest a determined amount based on your industry and local market to jump start quality calls to your local business.

Calls To Action That Truly Motivate Your Prospects

Research has shown that even a site with great visuals and offers is like a car without an engine if it doesn't have the right call to action. Ignited Local works hand in hand with you to get into your prospects' minds and discover the calls to action that will make the biggest difference.

Cost-Effective Professional Campaign Setup

A PPC campaign that isn't set up correctly is a waste of time and resources. Our professionals have years of experience in the highly competitive Google AdWords PPC market. We have an unbeatable dedication to reducing costs -- we are using our own internal budget, after all!

Fully Targeted Campaigns Based On Your Major Keywords

Poor keyword selection can ruin a campaign. Because we are intimately involved in every step of your campaign, we understand what keywords will work for your business. We research and then focus all our attention on high converting keywords within your industry and locality.

Local Social Marketing: Energize Any Business With A Compelling Brand Voice

Local social marketing relies on creating a base of engaged social followers in a target market. A strong local focus is associated with a higher conversion rate and greater likelihood that a social follower will take action, such as re-tweeting and sharing your content.

Local social marketing works closely with your content strategy to ensure that you have timely, relevant information that your potential customers will really want to share. We launch your local business into the social conversation with efficient and cost-conscious strategies.

Social signals are becoming a more and more important part of the SEO landscape with each passing day. If you don't have social media marketing on your side yet, then odds are good that local competitors are beating you to opportunities and building more search engine relevance.

It's easy to benefit from a great social presence with ignitedLOCAL. Our content writers know how to adapt articles, press releases, and viral content to the needs of your customers. You can be as involved in social media as you want, but you'll never have to lift a finger if you don't wish to.

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Setup On All The Key Social Platforms

You'll benefit from a localized presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, ensuring that your business is fully associated with your contact information. Plus, you get complete ownership of all your social accounts.

Fresh, Exciting Blog Posts

"Content is king" when it comes to modern SEO, and this is especially important in the social realm -- where everything you create could be shared thousands of times. Our informational, authoritative content builds your reputation as a credible expert.

Monthly Marketing For Social Media

Our diverse monthly social campaigns include targeted content especially designed to appeal to your customers. Blog posts, news and events, social link sharing and more come together with SEO best practices always in mind.

Analytics For All Social Media

ignitedLOCAL is dedicated to providing the data you need to be sure that your investment works. Our tools will provide you with hard facts about your leads, likes, follows, and other key indicators of user engagement.

ROI Tracking: Get To The Bottom Of What Really Works

Our ROI tracking program helps you to uncover the truth about your marketing efforts. You can focus your attention on what works, cut out what doesn't, and save money by always knowing the difference.

Lead and conversion tracking are key to our approach, as is phone tracking and recording. Our prospect management system allows you to instantly see what's generating conversions in real time. You get full, 24-hour access to call reports, search rankings, website analytics, and leads.

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Complete Tracking And Recording For Local Calls

Drill down to the true value of your calls by tracking inbound calls and recording all calls for future reference. Customers consistently find great ways to improve using this unique data!

Instant Access To Search Ranking Data

Want to know where you stand on Google, Bing and Yahoo when it comes to your major keywords? You can find out instantly, track trends, and see your major sources of traffic.

Comprehensive Website Lead Tracking

Our proprietary software provides real-time notifications for every email lead as soon as your website captures it. You can instantly send an email, create notes, or schedule a follow-up.

360 Web Analytics

We place a huge volume of prospect information at your fingertips and make it easy to sort through in real time, generating valuable insights about how your prospects reach you.

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